Privacy Policy in Empireo online services

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Privacy Policy in Empireo Online Services

I. Purpose and Scope of this Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy of Empireo (“Privacy Policy and Policy of Using Cookies in Empireo Online Services”) was created by and for the needs of Empireo and its European branches and subsidiaries in order to explain processing personal data by Empireo

Empireo processes personal data according to legal requirements applicable in countries where Empireo conducts its business activity. This Privacy Policy applies to personal data according to the Resolution of the European Parliament and on Czech law.

By Users’ privacy, any action is meant which is providing a User with safety in accordance with the above GDPR [General Data Protection Regulation].

Information collected about a User is processed by online pages: and other online information channels that belong to Empireo and closely cooperating entities, (hereinafter “the Service”), the owner of which is Empireo with its registered offices.

Data Administration

Processing personal data is based on compliance with law, reliability and information clarity. Data is collected by the Data Controller in a specific, clear and legally justified purpose, whereas the scope of data is limited to necessary data for achieving this aim. The Controller, upon a User’s request, provides the possibility of updating data, whereas all out-of-date or useless data is deleted by him. The Controller uses its best efforts to provide the highest level of safety and protection of personal data processed by it. Provision of data is voluntary. Each User is entitled to access their personal data, update them and request for removal of data collected with violation of provisions or if it is useless for rendering services by the Controller.

II. Definitions

III. Collecting and Processing Personal Data

Depending on your relation with Empireo and the level of using particular Services’ functionalities, referred to in Regulations of Empireo Club, Personal Data may be collected and processed in different manners, including by:

For security reasons, Empireo never contacts with you for obtaining information, such as credit card no., bank account no., password or PIN. If you receive an email in which such information is required, we ask you to immediately inform Empireo about that. Service Administrator does not collect data related to particular data of persons who browse webpages except for cases in which there is a need to register and log in for using the service. Providing any of the above data is voluntary, but if you do not provide it, it may be impossible to use services in the scope of specific service functionalities, which require that. Personal data is collected by the Data Controller and processed with all Services in the scope necessary for conducting a contract between the Controller and a natural person or an entity conducting business activity, to which data relates and for performing legal obligations by the Data Controller.

A Service User who is a Club Member of Empireo at registering, and during the membership contract term, apart from basic personal data, may share a photo which will be assigned to their Club Member profile. When placing a photo, in particular a photo that presents their image, a Club Member gives its consent for processing a photo for purposes necessary for implementation of a service.

For the purposes of ensuring quality of services rendered by the Controller, data is processed on the basis of legally justified interest of the Controller for:

The Controller indicates that for purposes determined in the above item e), it uses automated tools which process Users’ data for increasing effectiveness of marketing actions, such as forecasting behaviour and preferences of prospective customers (profiling).

IV. Consent for Processing Personal Data

On the basis of a separate consent given by a User, personal data may also be processed for direct marketing of products and the Controller’s own services, such as:

Data is processed for these purposes on the basis of justified legal interest until filing an appeal/revoking the consent by a person at any time.

V. Transferring Personal Data to Third Parties

The Data Controller is entitled to transfer personal data of a User to the third parties for rendering a service and in the scope necessary for implementing the contract, if the party:

Empireo may transfer Personal Data to other partners of Empireo, with which Empireo closely cooperates in appropriate performance of a service, including:

VI. Right to Access own Personal Data

Personal data is stored during the contract term, whereas after its expiration or receiving a request for removal of personal data, only for the period necessary for:

Each User, whose personal data is processed by the Controller and affiliated entities indicated in item 6 has the following rights:

A response to a User’s question or request will be given in electronic form at email address of a User, from which the question/request was sent, unless a User requests for another form of response, within 1 month from the day of receiving the question/request by the Controller. If the request is of complex nature or there are many requests, the Controller may extend this period for next 2 months, about which a User will be informed within 1 month from receiving the request.

If requests of a person to whom data relates are clearly unjustified or excessive, in particular due to its statutory nature, the Controller may:

The Controller provides the person to whom data relates with a copy of personal data that is processed. A Controller may charge a reasonable fee resulting from administrative costs for issuing other copies for which a person to whom data relates will ask.

VII. Using Cookies

Empireo online services use Cookies which are IT data, in particular text files, which are stored at User’s device.

The principles determining processing data and which data is collected by Cookies were determined in a separate document (hereinafter “Cookies Policy”).

VIII. Changes to the Privacy Policy

Empireo may introduce changes to this Privacy Policy any time without the need of informing Club Members about that. Any introduced changes will be applicable as of publishing them on Empireo webpages.

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